My work is an exploration of time, colour, intuition, chance, and the unconscious. My aesthetic concerns focus on capturing a sense of in-betweenness and becoming through process and medium, responding to the idea of time. These works, like a line of music or a verse of poetry, capture a fleeting moment in time, yet hint at a larger narrative. Similar to the here and now, my paintings are small excerpts from a greater continuum.

I am interested in exploring the uncertainty that arises when I surrender control and let go of conscious thought. With this comes accidental and uncontrollable outcomes, creating opportunities and reactions that are unexpected and otherwise inaccessible.

For me it is important to embrace my working process, allowing what usually remains hidden and is traditionally not intended for presentation, to be seen. Inviting the viewer to re-enact the process gives the painting openness, energy, movement and space to breathe. Thus, creating a sense that the paintings are never finished and remain very much alive.