John Mangila X Kerrie Satava


1 March – 17 March 2024

Unfolding is a conversation between two artists exploring the creative process, intuition, trust and the relinquishing of control. It is an investigation into what happens when boundaries are reimagined, and individual ownership disappears, where intersections are no longer markers of separation but serve to tell a new narrative of collaboration and connection.

Over the past eight months, every week John Mangila and Kerrie Satava have been swapping 15 canvases back and forth, each responding to the other’s colours, marks and movements. With every swap the works evolved, eventually blurring the line between one artist’s touch and another’s. Pushing the conversation even further, Mangila and Satava cut and reassembled many of these paintings creating something entirely new. Often finding that in this alchemy of incongruence, poetic juxtapositions emerged. The pair then asked Chat GPT to contribute, assigning AI the task of creating titles for each of the paintings, resulting in a dialogue that spans from the individual to the collective.

During the exhibition, we asked viewers to join in the conversation and participate in a public artwork provided, continuing the layers of connection, community and collaboration.

photography: yiorgo yiannopoulos